Saturday, October 3, 2009

My BD Trip

Bond Falls-Upper
Bond Falls
Silver Mountain- hiked in the rain, finished 572 steps but didn't reach the top.

Prickett Lake
Jacobsville Lighthouse
43 degrees - 30 mph wind
Jacobsville Sandstone


  1. How many steps ARE there at Silver Mountain? Wow! What a contrast in these pictures of Jacobsville to the ones when you took me there in July! Now, you can actually SEE the cold, even with the sun shining on the sandstone cliff! Is that homestead close to the road, with the big, screened, front porch still for sale? We forgot to call for a price when we got home! That sure was a beauty!

  2. Yes, it's still for sale thru Century 21. We had a wonderful trip...didn't get home until 11:30..had dinner at a very unique restaurant in Rockland.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Reminds me of the North Shore in Minnesota. I can hear the thunder of the falls! But that Jacobsville lighthouse looks to be a bit threatened by the waves and wind. Yikes!