Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Color

Sturgeon River

Cliff View

Lake Medora

Cedar Bay

Cedar Bay


  1. Beautiful! I told Gene we should be up there in October! He says no trips until I can carry all my luggage, and walk without any help, so I guess it will be awhile! Enjoy the colors for me! Thanks for keeping the blog; it makes me get a peek at home anyway!

  2. Hi Nopham!

    Such incredible photos! The colors just sing! Unfortunately, we're in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave...highs in the 90's every single day. Very humid, too. Miserable. We had a couple of cool days and nights awhile back, but no more! Ugh!

  3. Jacob is right! Yesterday we took out part of Grandma's old grapefruit tree, and the feel's- like temp was 115, and the humidity was incredible! We were soaked w/in seconds. Why the tree couldn't wait until it is cooler? Do not ask me...I do not make our daily plans. Ha! Enjoy your cool weather, you two!

  4. Hi Nopham.

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