Friday, July 17, 2009

Michigan Wild Flowers

Black Medick, Blue-Eyed Grass, Orange Hawkweed, and Daisy
paintings by CatAdams Bachelor Button, Daisy, and Bird-foot Trefoils by "C"


  1. Thanks for putting these on your blog! They are works "in progress," as they need names and touch-ups, but it was what was finished at the time. Your "pressed" flower boxes make my paintings look so amateur. It is a little hard to compete with the real thing. Experience will hopefully show improvement! They were great fun to do!

  2. These are beautiful, Cat Adams.

  3. Your paintings are arts, my boxes are crafts. It doesn't need talent to pick and press flowers. Thanks Jacob!

  4. Thank you to both of you! Gene (my better half) has already critiqued them, and expects improvements in perspective next time...All in the eye of the beholder, I guess! I welcome the constructive criticism, though! It can only help me improve, yes?
    I really do it because it is fun and relaxing for me. I do not hurt then.