Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bilberry Picking

Bilberry Pancakes
Red Bilberries



  1. Ok-Ok the pictures of those bilberries are almost like sending me a paper plate with stains on it!! Man we wish we were there to enjoy the best berry in the world.

  2. Hi Chef,
    You should know I was kind enough...not to post a picture of our first bilberry pie on here. There's NO stains on a plate! Today will be our first raspberry picking (our driveway) Have a good day! Hugs & kisses to the little Finns.

  3. Have to agree with Chef Erik! We are drooling just thinking about the pies we could be making. After all, Gene has perfected the "ultimate pie crust," which is to die for, and with the "ultimate berry," people would simply faint straight away...
    Just ask Grandma! She loves his baking! Well, maybe next year...as retirement looms this August 31!
    Don't forget to get the raspberry transplants we discussed! Yum!!!!