Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hanka Homestead

Smoke sauna
Store house
Hanka Homestead Museum


  1. I love these old buildings! Lovely photos, too. Is Hanka a Finnish name or word?

  2. Yes, It's a Finnish name, and it's beautiful, secluded piece of land...built in 1896. We went back to Jacobsville two days the rain....will post a few pictures later.

  3. This is a most wonderous place; like going back in time 110 years, and having it all ready. Tools in the shed; cow barn set up; boats ready to launch; sauna ready to light; milk house ready to cool the milk; and fields all cleared to grow the veggies. Not to mention the view around the is a wonder anyone ever left the place. I hope more volunteers continue the renovation. Thank you for taking me there; what a part of history!