Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exciting Shopping

Rain on Lake Superior

1900 church pew for our basement
We purchased a church pew! 10' long - over 100 years's beautiful! K bought a Stihl chainsaw for cutting wood for the fireplace and sauna. He also got a hardhat with ear protection (a little late for that) and a visor.


  1. Karl with a church pew is TOO FUNNY! Well, so is the ear protection on his hard hat! Being a Finn, isn't the hard hat rather a redundancy? Sorry! It's only cause I'm his younger sister...I have to give him a "hard" time, you know! From where did the pew come? Any church I might know?

  2. C--
    Whatever did you say? Now, you have me very curious?

  3. Sorry...just hit the trashcan button by mistake. I said we bought the pew from the church on Pine Street in Calumet.