Saturday, August 22, 2009


Happy Birthday to Selma (my mother-inlaw), my husband, and Tricia.
Breakfast at the Keweenaw Club... and berry picking in Copper Harbor
Dinner at the Waterfront - view from the restaurant
Sunset from our cabin


  1. Ahhhh! Sounds and looks like the perfect birthday! Too bad Mom couldn't be there with you to celebrate together; but take comfort that she was with loving family down here. We included Karl in our birthday song, too! We had home-made angelfood cake, with fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries (not wild of course) and Gene's freash whipped cream. It was pretty yummy. Evidently, Mom's hearing was messed up. as she said you had selected the "Loading Zone," as your birthday dinner choice. I am pleased to see you decided to go a little more "upscale" for the big event. What happened to your dessert? No berries? Thanks for posting the picture of my fish on the email, Candy. I thought Karl might have some comment about it, but... I know it takes three hours to download stuff so I am very grateful, believe me! Mom just called to report that Rose took a tumble on her rug, and that Candy almost did. I say,"get rid of that rug immediately!" It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. We do not need any broken bones in the family! Tell Rose to take care for us, please! Whoops! I've turned this into a letter....sorry! Alan Blessing took me to lunch today; kids return tomorrow, and he wanted to catch up. He found out in March he is diabetic, and has lost 30 pounds...looks like a skeleton! He sends his best to both of you! Man o man! That sunset is a killer! If it looks that spectacular in a picture; I can only imagine how unbelievable it was in person! Oh how lucky you are! Keep enjoying every moment, you guys! I love you!

  2. Of course we had berries for his birthday, but can't post "all" the food that we had that day!!!!!Rose is OK...can't throw out the rug. It happened at the restaurant. We walked on the beach the next day, and we hiked the Black Creek, and walked our trails...we don't feel guilty...eating too much.

  3. I'd better stay away from Upper Michigan. Just walking by your cabin I'd gain ten pounds. Then I'd want to relax in a comfy chair with a plate full of goodies and watch beautiful sunsets!

    Sheesh! What a gorgeous sight!

  4. Mom strikes again! She informed us that both Rose and Candy had tripped on the rug entering Rose's back porch; hence the "throw it out comment!" Glad you had berries; you need those anti-oxidants! Colleen threw Gene the most incredible retirement party last night at Banquet Masters with 31 in attendance. You missed the prime rib and champagne toast; the only missing part was the two of you! Will send pictures! If you want to write a "comment or rememberance" for his retirement book, and email it to my email address, I can include it in his scrapbook.

  5. Great! Colleen and you did a good's not easy to surprise Eugege K. Happy Retirement! Too young to stop working. His card is in the mail. Berry smoothies everyday for us! Delicious!

  6. I'd better stay away from Upper Michigan. Just walking by your cabin I'd gain ten pounds
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