Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life in the UP Michigan

Estivant Pine
Esrey Park
Eagle River Falls
Cedar Bay
Haven Falls
Jacobsville Lighthouse
Sailing - Copper Harbor
Skiing - Agate Beach
Fall Colors - Cedar Bay
Berry picking and gardening - Cedar Bay
Hiking - Black Creek
Fall Fishing on Lake Superior - Gratiot River
First snow in October - Alberta
Sunset from our window - Cedar Bay - Lake Superior
Our backyard - Cedar Bay
Lake Superior - Cedar Bay
Another beautiful sunset - Cedar Bay
Winter in Cedar Bay


  1. I am so glad you stopped by Cedar Key DP! Thanks very much. Not only that, but I was able to become acquainted with your blogs -- these photos are superb - all of them! Reminds me of my days running around northern Minnesota!

    You really did stay at Pirates Cove in Cedar Key! That's very interesting. I'd guess they have renovated and painted fairly recently.

    We live in Ocala but drive over every once in a while and have been coming to Cedar Key for over 20 years (even when we lived in Fort Lauderdale).

    Loved all you baking and cooking photos, too, although now I'm very hungry and must sign off to go raid the refrigerator!

    Best wishes!

  2. We're not too far from Minnesota. Come and visit.

  3. Your photos of Cedar Bay of red, brown and yellow is what I am seeing of Auckland now. this is our Autumn/fall, and I am teaching my students about the seasons.

    How far away from Detriot are you? When I was a student in the mid 70s in Windsor U, I used to look across Detriot river and think of Michigan.

  4. We're about 8 hours, Northwest of Detroit. Our Fall is in October. Have a good day with your students.

  5. I just had to make another comment. These are such great photos. But I'm really glad that you saw fit to name a lighthouse after me. Thanks! See you in Cedar Key...

  6. love all of your photos! keep 'em coming..